Private and Group Exercise Classes

By Appointment: SharQui™ - The Bellydance Workout

Come dance for fun and fitness

Belly dance is a beautifully feminine folk dance that celebrates the body and spirit. Grab your hip scarf if you have one, and come learn this ancient art form while getting a full-body workout.

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In addition to one-on-one training, I offer group exercise classes and lessons by appointment.

SharQui™ - The Bellydance Workout

I teach SharQui™, the world’s only fitness-accredited belly dance workout. Click here to learn more.

Mommy and Me Circuit Games

I have adapted nursery rhymes and classic children’s games into an effective workout that will target your legs, glutes, core, arms...and preschoolers.

I developed this outdoor class especially for playgroups. Your children will love playing new games with you, and you and your friends will love how well they will sleep tonight.

Belly Dance for Martial Artists

A strong and efficient core is widely recognized in the fitness industry as critical for efficient acceleration, deceleration, and stability during dynamic movements. The high demand and specialized movement patterns of martial arts may well require a level of core strength, flexibility, and neuromuscular efficiency that ordinary core programs cannot address.

Martial artists can benefit from belly dancing for the same basic reasons that professional football players take ballet.

I have experience teaching belly dance to sword students as cross-training, and I welcome opportunities to further develop integrated programming.

Private or Group Belly Dance Classes

I offer private and small-group belly dance lessons by appointment.