Your home gym could cost you as little as in the tens of dollars, and fit into a backpack. No kidding.

Many people think of home fitness equipment as the state-of-the-art machines heavily advertised in December and January. Although some of these make excellent investments, they can also be prohibitively expensive, bulky, and intimidating, and they can reinforce many people’s impression that effective exercise is out of reach.

I provide an assortment of portable equipment for my personal training sessions so that my clients can have plenty of variety and challenges from their very first day.

I am also providing this free list of some of my favorite inexpensive equipment. I would like to encourage everyone to see exercise as everyday self-care, much like brushing your teeth, and to seek out routines that address your personal limitations and needs. All prices listed are approximate, and all items are readily available in stores and online.

Long, medium-resistance elastic tubing

Assorted elastic bands

Assorted dumbbells (3 and 5 lb pairs)

Swiss Ball aka Stability Ball


Aerobic Step