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This page has tips on choosing a gym and links to my free articles about fitness and nutrition.

Choosing A Facility

It is important to know what kind of environment will help you feel safe and motivated. Some people like the energy of big, high-tech facilities, others profer a homey mom'n'pop environment, and some benefit from the convenience and privacy of working out at home.

Fitness does not need to be a solo endeavor. Group Exercise (sometimes called Group X) options today incorporate motion from martial arts to dance, yoga to acrobatics, and everything in between. Fitness centers are invested in bringing in dynamic, talented instructors to keep their classes fresh. Many people feel supported by their peers and embrace the social aspect of group exercise classes.

About Home Fitness

Home fitness is exercise you might do in your living room by yourself, with video guidance, or with a mobile trainer. I also consider “home fitness” to include exercise you might do outside of a facility, such as walks or bike rides.

To me, home fitness is also a state of mind. If you choose to exercise in your own space, you are on your way to integrating fitness into your life in a way no fitness center can match.

Home gives us a sense of ownership as well as privacy. It is often easier for people to feel that their fitness activities belong to them when they exercise at home. On the practical side, just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity can significantly improve health and reduce the risk of most chronic diseases, and those 30 minutes need not be consecutive. Most of us would have no trouble fitting short bouts of activity into our home routine.

As a mobile trainer, I create home workouts that address my clients individual needs and goals, and also fit into their lives.

About Mobile Training

“Mobile training” means that the Personal Trainer travels to your home, office, personal gym, or other convenient location for your session. This is an outstanding option for busy professionals, caregivers, or anyone whose schedules or responsibilities make it difficult or excessively time-consuming to get to a gym. It is also excellent for people who need professional supervision and encouragement, but also require privacy.

Mobile training sessions are typically cost more than personal training sessions at a gym where a trainer is employed or contracts. There are two main reasons for this:

Further Information

I have provided lots of free information for anyone who is interested in pursuing a fitness program. Please read and enjoy my articles.